Five Fun Facts About Independence Day

Twenty-five years ago, Independence Day was released in theaters and a new modern classic was born. Even though most everyone who visits Cord Cutters Club has likely seen the film, there may be some things about it that you didn’t know. With that in mind, check out these five fun facts about Independence Day!

1. The film was almost titled ‘Doomsday’ instead of Independence Day

Producers Roland Emmerich and Dean Delvin had wanted to name the movie Independence Day all along, but the rights to that name were held by a different studio. They added the iconic final line of Bill Pullman’s famous speech in an attempt to convince the studio to go after the title…it worked.

2. The role of President Thomas Whitmore was meant for Kevin Spacey

Producer Dean Delvin went to school with Kevin Spacey and wrote the part of the President with him in mind. One of the movie studio’s executives didn’t see Spacey as a movie star, so the role went to Bill Pullman instead.

3. Some of the movie’s sets were recycled from other films.

The submarine shown early in the Persian Gulf early in the film came from Crimson Tide, the stealth bomber was the same one from the movie Broken Arrow, and the White House interior sets were the same ones as featured in Nixon and The American President.

4. The U.S. military was not pleased with the inclusion of Area 51 in the movie.

Originally, the U.S. military was going to assist with the filming of the movie by providing expertise, accurate uniforms, vehicles, and other props. But, they ordered the removal of all mentions of Area 51 from the film, and when the filmmakers refused, they withdrew their support.

5. The aliens got their gooey look from being covered in K-Y Jelly

Just making the aliens look all slimy would take a lot of personal lubricant under normal circumstances, but since the scenes were filmed in hot Las Vegas locations, it took even more due to them drying out so quickly.

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Independence Day